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Our Mission

We are committed here at New Life to making disciples of Jesus Christ. We are a church that has been founded on the principles and values found in the Word of God and we exist to facilitate these in all of those we meet! 

We facilitate this through prayer, the Word, personal involvement, and fellowship. We encourage every individual to passionately follow, serve and grow in Christ.


The greatest commandment given is to love God. The second is to love our neighbor as ourselves! We believe that everything that we do, needs to start in a place of love. Every service, gathering or interaction needs to be an expression of the Love of God. We believe that we are here to be that expression to whoever we meet!


We believe that as disciples of Jesus, we are here to serve. We believe that this service is to each other, in acts of kindness, love, and service. We also believe that we are here to serve our community, and we strive to be very active in our community. 


All life has growth! We believe that we are all on this journey called life together, and with that we know that we all have room to grow. We grow together by fostering opportunities for growth. This can be done by teaching, working together, conversation, or just being around one another. We would love to have you grow with us!

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