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21st Anniversary Services

We welcome the "McGuire's". Come join us this Sunday May 21st, 2017 Morning Worship Service will be at 9:30AM & Sunday Evening Service will be at 5PM. Looking forward to hearing some great singing.

It's so hard to believe that NLAC has been in Old Town for over 21 years. We've gone through blessings, storms, heartache and joy. But there is one thing that has never changed and that's our love to bring people to know who God is and to be saved.

We are excited to have Bro. Sis. McGuire with us this year. Not only is he a great preacher, but both of them are greatly blessed when they pick up the microphone and start singing. You know you have anointed singing when from the very beginning you feel God's present. If you haven't heard The McGuire's sing come join us this day. They are Southern Gospel Singers, they have multiple CD's that they have made over the years, and they will have some available that day.

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