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Another Great Year!

What a wonderful anniversary service we had yesterday. From the very first song till the last prayer, God's presence filled the place, renewing, refreshing and a brand new spirit filled with the holy ghost and baptized in Jesus Name. 21 years in the new addition 23 year total being in Old Town, Maine. We thank Bro. Sis. McGuire for being in God's will, in bring the word of the Lord and singing. Thankful for the music team and praise singers for bringing what was needed, and those who helped out with the meal and making it so tasty! Looking forward to another year in bringing more people to the Lord.

Last but defiantly not least, we are a beyond blessed church to have Pastor & Sis.Wilbur who started this work 23 years ago in Old Town, Maine. Listening to God, brought this amazing man of God to Old Town to save the loss. We thank Pastor & Sis. Wilbur for all the hard work they do for the church, may God bless them.

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