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One day someone said they feel that they don't belong to their church? It's always sad when you hear others say that about the church that they attend. And you wonder "hummm I wonder what's going on at that church" or "wow I always though that church had everything going for them". But that's just not always the case, as humans we tend to unfortunately think the worse first! Yes that's just the nature of us humans (not all just some).

Upon further discussing I realized that it wasn't what I original though. This is where "DO YOU ATTEND OR BELONG" comes in. Anyone can go to church, they attend may even support or maybe they don't... BUT they don't belong.

It's all up to us individually to belong to our church...we need to roll up our selves dig in and help out as much as we can!

1. To belong, you need to attend all services, yes work, tiredness or even something comes up suddenly, but you do need time with Gods people and away from all other distractions. Leave all the excuses behind. Just like in our jobs places we work, we give all of ourselves so we don't get fired. We even work overtime to get some of that extra goodness to buy that special something.... it's the same in the church why only give a time limit on church time!

2.Do you attend functions or get to togethers that your church has, if the answer is no then there is another reason you might feel you don't belong. You need to fellowship with your church family. Fellowship with others who are like minded, enjoy your time make some bonds with others.

3.Do you donate your time, if it's no...why not, a church does not run it's self, give someone a break at what they've been doing. Maybe the Sunday school teaches who cleans up the room every Sunday could use a break clean up time!

4. Are you up to date on up coming events, if no...then maybe you should attend more church services. Most announcements are made at church, different places on social media or even on a bulletin board.

5. Do you have a desire to want to belong...if it's a NO then it's time to reflect on need to get a desire back in your life, read your bible spend more time with God, start belong to your church again.

We can make so many excuses why this or why that. But we're only fooling ourselves!

"just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ's body. We are many parts of the body, and we all belong to each other"


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