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PLEASE READ! We are having an Outdoor worship service on Sunday June 7th at 11AM.

We have listen carefully, and do understand all the concerns that have been brought to us, and so here we are adapting to the best possible way to address those concerns and that's having an out door worship service. We will have plenty of space to spread out more than the 6 feet apart to sit. This will be held in behind the church building, the church will be off limits and locked so there will be no concerns.

Please park where you normal would and walk out back. Please bring your own CHAIRS. If it is warm out please be prepared by wearing a hat to block of the sun as we will be out in the open. IF IT RAINS CHURCH WILL BE CANCELLED AND WE WILL BE HAVING AN ONLINE SERVICE.

Please reached out to me if you have any questions. God Bless Pastor Wilbur.

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