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As I was sitting here listening to the song "Sometimes it takes a mountain". It really hits home, we face mountains each and everyone of us, some are easy to overcome but other mountains pull us down and it weighs on our soul and it keeps us from getting closer to God. Sometimes we can't even seeme to pray and it seems like it goes on forever. But it's then we call on God! He wants us to call on Him, He wants us to depend on Him. We can't tackle that mountain on our own, we try and try but it's still there. The only way to conquer that mountain in our path that's pulling us down is calling on Jesus. We have others in our lives to help us to get over those mountains, but its HIM that we need our help from. It's only Him that can carry us up that long tall mountain and to the other side. It's only Him that can take the pain away, He's the one who can restore your soul, your feelings and give you the healing of that mountain that was there. It's so easy to call on Him, just close your eyes and just say His name Jesus I need you, I need you to help me. If all you can say is Jesus over and over that's ok He knows our thoughts. I hope that whoever this is for knows how much He loves you.

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